Monday, September 15, 2008

Le Circlet revisited.

Over the weekend, Ms. Curves went out for Ramadhan buffet with a girlfriend:

Friend: "Babe, I like la your baju, mana you beli?"

Ms. Curves :"From my own blogshop lah. "

Friend: "Ada ke? Takde pun I nampak?"

Ms. Curves: " Ada la. I filed it under Le Circlet."

Friend: "Hoh, really? Babe in your blog TAK LAWA LANGSUNG"

Ms. Curves: -_-

Fine, Ms. Curves photography skills suck chunks. So here's Le Circlet again.

*Ms. Curves is pemalu*

Mini dress or Long top? It works either way for a semi-formal dinner, or when you just feel like dressing up. :)

Made of a slighty shiny satiny-feel fabric, Le Circlet is available in Black, Silver or White.

Flatters sizes UK12 - UK16.

Take it home for RM 48.00 only!

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