Sunday, September 28, 2008

be back in a bit!

Hello darlings!

Delicious Curves will be on hiatus until October 12, 2008.

We will be back before you know it.

Until then, be good ya!


Miss Curves

Monday, September 15, 2008

Le Circlet revisited.

Over the weekend, Ms. Curves went out for Ramadhan buffet with a girlfriend:

Friend: "Babe, I like la your baju, mana you beli?"

Ms. Curves :"From my own blogshop lah. "

Friend: "Ada ke? Takde pun I nampak?"

Ms. Curves: " Ada la. I filed it under Le Circlet."

Friend: "Hoh, really? Babe in your blog TAK LAWA LANGSUNG"

Ms. Curves: -_-

Fine, Ms. Curves photography skills suck chunks. So here's Le Circlet again.

*Ms. Curves is pemalu*

Mini dress or Long top? It works either way for a semi-formal dinner, or when you just feel like dressing up. :)

Made of a slighty shiny satiny-feel fabric, Le Circlet is available in Black, Silver or White.

Flatters sizes UK12 - UK16.

Take it home for RM 48.00 only!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Ms. Curves wants to clear out all these trinkets and accessories. Going cheap cheap cheap!!


Revised Price RM 20.00 each!
Latest status: #03 SOLD
Revised price RM 30.00 (SOLD)
Revised price : RM 18.00 ONLY!
Below are Ms. Curves personal favorites !
Three Rings studded with diamante on a long chain.
Oohhh I soooo like. I so so so like that I felt like keeping it for myself.
But lovelies like these are meant to be shared!
Revised price: RM 50.00 (SOLD)
Cutesy tiny pair of pink mittens charm for your charm bracelet.
Also can be affixed to your keychain to bling it up!
On the mittens it says "JUICY" and "XOXO".
Revised Price: RM 20.00

* prices not inclusive of shipping. Shipping is RM 4.00 via Pos Ekspress.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Looking at pretty halter neck maxi dresses like these makes us feel oh so happy that we live in summer weather all year long! (in between the torrential monsoon showers, but hey at least we dont need to wear winter coats everywhere yeah?)

This halterneck maxi dress is not for the shy wallflower. In bold pink and orange i you will register in everyone's radar (unless they are color blind). 

The elastic back fits up to size UK 16! (We're not called Delicious Curves for nothing, darling!) So who says curvy babes have to hide behind black oversized gunny sacks? Who say ? Who sayyyy???

Fits M to XXL (UK 16)

RM 63.00

Bunga Berbunga

A demure, pretty, cotton maxi dress with an elastic waist and tiebacks.

Fits M - L.

Available in Blue (SOLD), Green (SOLD) and Red (SOLD).

RM 60.00



Channel casual boho-chicness in this sweet cotton top.
Fits Size M to L.

Available in Apple Green, Black, Fuchsia Pink, Aquamarine and White.

RM 28.00


A sweet cotton mini-dress / top with embroidery and a laced hem. The embroidery gives it a boho/peasant feel don't you think?

The underbust is elastic, which is why it can fit up to a small XL (small UK 14)! Looks good on its own or paired with leggings / skinny pants.

Fits M to small XL (small UK 14)

Available in Rose Pink, Black and Mustard Yellow.

RM 46.00

* I'm letting the white one go for RM 40.00 as there is a small, slight stain on the bodice which is probably washable. It's not noticable at all but I believe it is only fair that I let y'all know, right?

---SOLD OUT---

Le Circlet

Made from satin-like fabric with a slight sheen, this mini-dress is perfect for semi-formal dinners or nights out on town. My sucky photography skills just don't do justice on how nice this number looks!  The sleeves make it less than ordinary and the embroidery on the skirt gives it a sweet girly yet sophis touch.

Fits size M to XXL (UK 16)

Available in Black, Silver and Pure White

RM 48.00

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Delicious Curves is letting these pieces go at reduced prices to make room for more pretty threads!


Was RM 52.00, now RM 47.00
Available in Sizes S (UK 6), M (UK 10) (1 LEFT! )and L (UK 12) (1 LEFT!)


DC002 TEA ROSES Mini Dress

Was RM 43.00, Now RM 39.00
Available in Dusky Pink (SOLD) and Light Grey
Fits up to small XL (small UK14).


DC003 TROPICA SUNSHINE Tube top / Skirt
Was RM 40.00, Now RM 35.00
Fits up to M.


Was RM 35.00, now RM 25.00 (1 LEFT)
Fits up to small L.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hello darlings!

Didya realise that this Friday is 08.08.08?

Because we at Delicious Curves love curvy number 8, we will be slashing off RM 3 from ALL purchases!!!

All confirmed and paid for orders made by Friday, 08 August 2008 (11:59 pm), will enjoy our extraordinary generosity! Woohooo!! (yes darlings, we love you too! Muah muahhhs!)

Offer valid from Thursday , 07 August 2008 until Friday 08, August 2008 ONLY.

Tick tock, tick tock!! So what are you waiting for?!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hearts & Diamonds

A cheery hoodie for those dreary, cloudy days!

Sourced directly from and made in USA.

Sizes available : S (UK 6), M (UK 10), L (UK 12)

RM 48.00

Latest Update : SOLD OUT.

Brown Safari

Pair it with your favorite pair of jeans for a night out!

Shiny brown "giraffe-y" pattern, with sash to tie behind.

Sourced directly from  and made in USA.

Sizes available : S (UK 6), M (UK 10) (last one), L (UK 12) (last one)

RM 52.00

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pre-Opening Sale

Hello darlings!

Some bargains to start things off with a BANG!

Summer Peacock

A breezy, light cotton summer dress, with a smocked bodice and cheerful embroidery on the skirt.

Also comes in sunshiny yellow.

Best fit: M to small L.

Yours for only RM 48.00



Tea Roses

Something sweet and subtle. A short dress / top with dusky roses and crochety-lace details on the neck and hemline

Comes in dusky pink and light grey.

Best fit: M - L.

A bargain at RM 43.00


Smocked Peach SOLD OUT

A casual smocked cotton top, for a leisurely weekend roti canai breakfast at the neighbourhood mamak or a quick trip to the grocery store.

Best fit: L to XL.

Get it for just RM 39.00

Polka Pink

How cute is this stretchy polka-dot sleeved top? Very, we think.

Best fit: M to small L.

Yours for only RM 35.00


Tropika Sunshine

A light versatile piece, can be worn eithe as a top or a skirt, it's your call!

Best fit: Up to large M.

Get it for RM 40.00

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